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Who We Are

What is Gshare?

Gshare ApS is an offshore software house with many expertises that will benefit your company. You can get your own dedicated software teams that will cover your software needs and get your software projects done by highly educated experts. All this at a very affordable price.

Who are we?

Gshare ApS is a Danish owned software house with a department in Islamabad Pakistan that hosts the skilled software developers. They are used to work with European customers and know the way we think software. Gshare ApS serves a number of Danish and European customers with different software needs. All the way from advanced driver development to application development for PC, MAC and Internet.

Who are our customers?

Our typical customers are midsized companies that want to put their development up to a new level and get the job done professionally on time. Our customers range from innovative companies that creates highly advanced self-service devices to Postal organizations, Banks and to a company that creates advanced printer controllers for thermal printers. We also build sales websites with credit card payment.

How do we work?

You can decide the method but we got a number of good methods to boost your development. Lets talk about how you get your next offshore development team that will perform the best. You will get your own project leader and depending on the task, you will get developers and testers assigned to the project. Communication will take place on well-known platforms like Skype and online meeting boards and your development team will never be far away.



Microsoft .Net application development Iphone, Ipad, Mac OSX
ASP.Net web development Xcode development
Windows driver development  
Windows CE Platforms


.Net Compact Framework development Html, PHP, Java, XML


To a number of our customers we assign dedicated software teams that only work on their projects. This will enhance productivity and build up the knowledge of the team. These teams normally consist of expertise to cover the full production and maintenance of larger software projects.

To be successful in an offshore environment some ground elements should be in place:
  • Project lead
  • Requirement specifications
  • Software architecture
  • Development
  • Test
  • Documentation

To get the best out of an offshore team it is very important that the communication is of high quality. Here we got some methods that can help you build up the core team knowledge. Normally you would expect that the project will be well defined and the requirement specification is all done.

We would propose you to go another way:

Explain to the team exactly what your business intentions are. Then gather the overlaying requirements and let the team create the requirement specification documents. This way you only need to check if the requirement is well understood and the team will be able to understand your business and requirements and work in the same direction as you.

If Gshare ApS doesn't have the right resources to your projects we hire them in cooperation with you. The Universities of Islamabad continues to educate highly qualified resources together with the fact that working for European and American companies are attractive for the developers of Islamabad.

Gshare ApS is known to be a very solid and an attractive place to work, and we care about our employees. All employees will be covered with a healthcare insurance that covers the expenses for medical treatment and hospitals. It is extremely important for us to be a respectable company that we all can be proud to be a part of.


At Gshare we are specialist in a long row of tools and development technologies. See below:

Programming Languages

Obejctive C



Database Management System


Search Engines

SEO Search Engine Optimization


At Gshare ApS we focus our development around the user's needs. Products should adapt to the user rather than the user adapting to the product. To achieve user friendly products we use methods from User Centred Design and Human Computer Interaction.

We offer methods that involve users during all phases of product development – from early field studies of users, to ongoing user feedback during development, until testing prototypes and the final product with users.

A project can contain one or more of the following methods:

  • Ethnographic field studies

    Know your users before you start developing, you will be surprised

  • Review of products

    To observe your products in use is a strong and sometimes provoking eye opener

  • Ongoing user feedback

    Test your ideas before programming them is a cheap and effective way to adjust your product and ensure usability

  • Prototyping

    Prototyping makes it possible to test ideas during development phase - from simple paper prototypes to well functioning prototypes

  • Facilitating workshops

    Gathering different competencies and point of views can ensure the right direction in a project and allow new possibilities

Working with User Centred Design is an iterative design process that is close to the iterative software development method SCRUM.

With a Danish interaction designer and a Pakistani software development team we offer high quality software that supports
a simple, easy and user friendly interaction, that graphically and functionally supports the user's needs best possible.

We also facilitate sessions and workshops about our experiences and use of User Centred Design methods. We can give
insight on how User Centred Design can be a natural part of your product development. Please contact us for further


Gshare is an offshore software house with many expertises that will benefit your company. You can get your own dedicated software teams that will cover your software needs and get your software projects done by highly educated experts. All this at a very affordable price.

We work hard to offer a very high standard in all our fields and we do our best to get the highest out of our teams. We not only gather our teams to have the best qualifications but also good colleagues that work in a friendly and professional environment.

Gshare simplifies the outsourcing of your software projects.


Danish Headquarter

GShare ApS
Bellisvej 15
6430 Nordborg

Phone: +45 7349 0000
Skypeid: allankacz

Pakistani Division

Global Share (SMC-Pvt) Ltd
Office No. 11/12, Al-Rehman Mall, Plot 33, G-11 Markaz./
Islamabad Pakistan

Country Manager
Kaif Haqqi

Phone: +92-51-8736092